The Melting Pot is situated on the 4th floor of Thorn House. We try to ensure we are as accessible as possible.

If there’s something you want to know but can’t find on our website, please let us know by phone or email – we’d really appreciate it! We’ll answer your questions as soon as possible and use your feedback to improve our website and accessibility at The Melting Pot.

Entering the building

We are located on Rose Street, which is cobbled. Our entrance is sandwiched between The Abbotsford (pub) and Fopp (music/film/book store), opposite the rear entrance to Marks & Spencer’s. There’s an A-board outside our door during working hours.

The entrance to our building, Thorn House, is level with Rose Street and there are no steps leading to the doorway. There is a small ridge to the main door, which is about 5cm high.

If you think finding or reaching our entrance will be a challenge, please let us know in advance of your event. We will do our best to ensure there is a member of staff available to help.


There is a locked glass door in the lobby of our building. Visitors use an intercom system to gain entry. The keypad is 1 metre from the floor.

To ring The Melting Pot buzzer, press “B” then “3”on the keypad to the right of the glass door. A member of staff will greet you via the intercom so you can tell them which organisation/event you are visiting.

There is a sensor to the left of the keypad. An orange light will flash when the phone line is open. A green light will flash when the door is open.

There are currently no braille facilities available. The keypad is formatted similarly to a phone with a lump on the 5 button (top row: 1/2/3, second row: 4/5/6, third row: 7/8/9, fourth row: A/0/B)

The glass door opens towards you.

To the 4th floor

Stairs – there are eight flights of stairs with handrails either side. The stairwell is well lit with both natural and artificial lights.

Lift – we have a standard-sized 8-person lift which is well lit and has a handrail. The 4th floor button is 1.1m from the ground.

The bottom row of buttons (left to right): manually open the lift doors, manually close the lift doors, ring the attention bell.

The buttons to the floors in the building are formatted as: on the left hand side there are 3 buttons for floors (from bottom to top) -1/1/3 and on the right hand side there are 3 buttons (from bottom to top) for floor 0 (ground)/2/4 (The Melting Pot!). Each button has a raised symbol next to it.

The dimensions of the lift are as follows:

Door = 80cm (W) x 200cm (H)

Car = 107cm (W) x 135cm (D) x 200cm (H).

Our space

The floor of The Melting Pot is made from hardwood (no carpet). The Melting Pot itself is a single floor with no steps but some slopes.

Workshop Space = 93 square metres. Door width 90cm

Meeting Room = 18 square metres. Door width 88cm

Coworking space = 139 square metres (approx.). Door width 115cm

Hearing loop

Our Meeting Room is equipped with a Soundshuttle counter hearing loop. The portable loop sits in the centre of the Meeting Room table and can be used by multiple hearing aid users at the same time. We are more than happy to set this up upon request. It’s best to ask us in advance of the meeting but it does not take long to set up.

Our Workshop Space is fitted with an induction hearing loop, which uses the telecoil “T” setting found on most hearing aids. Hearing aid users can stand anywhere in the space and use the “T” setting on their hearing aid to tune into the hearing loop. The hearing loop works for multiple users at the same time. This system comes with hand held and tie-clip microphones.


We have two toilets at The Melting Pot and one is accessible. It has handrails either side of the toilet, a lowered sink, toilet (41cm off the ground), non-slip floor and widened doorway (90cm) to allow wheelchair access. There should be enough room for a wheelchair to turn around.

This bathroom does not currently have a Red Roy Cord.

Service dogs

The Melting Pot welcomes service dogs and will happily offer a bowl of water.


Given sufficient notice, The Melting Pot’s suppliers can cater for most dietary requirements.

The food will be clearly labelled and any specific dishes will be pointed out to the facilitator.

We welcome any guidance (as specific as possible!) when it comes to dietary requirements. We want to make sure everyone enjoys their food.

Fire safety

There is one evacuation chair shared by the Thorn House building.

Your event host will go through the fire evacuation procedure with the facilitator before your event begins.

First aid

There will be a trained first aider available throughout your event.