We are delighted to have secured some resources to bring about a really exciting event for our 10th year and we are starting to plan something really big.

We are fascinated by the idea of how social change occurs; how a process that starts from a small idea can build upon itself to have a much larger impact; and how a rare phenomenon can grow rapidly more common.

For our big autumn event we are looking at the theme of “Movement Makers”.

The key here will be in learning from world-class leaders from across the social innovation spectrum, while at the same time allowing space to explore models, motivations and aspirations for social innovation.

Would you like to be involved in helping make this happen? We are looking for volunteers (think a TEDx event for social innovation)…

What movements would you love to hear about? Think big, think international…

Do you have specific contacts with prominent people within a movement that you feel would make a great speaker and workshop presenter?

 If you want to get involved or have suggestions or ideas please get in touch:


Julie Ellam

Social Innovation Programme Coordinator


+44 (0)131 243 2628


In the meantime – watch this space! We’ll bring you updates and details on how you can book your spot for this exciting event in the coming months.