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Here is the Good Ideas Class 2018! 

  • Andy Hyde


    Getting out and about and remaining active is key to living well with dementia, but transport systems can sometimes be a challenge to access and navigate. Go Upstream is a training and design consultancy that helps service providers to improve the travel experiences of customers with hidden disabilities. We bring service operators and people living with dementia together to explore the challenges of travelling and to design more enabling products and services.

  • Aniko Putter

    Aniko Putter

    Inspire Studios

    I am a qualified careers adviser and Nia Technique teacher and I aim to change the misperception of neurodiversity.

    I aspire to create Inspire Studios with the aim to facilitate movement classes suitable for all abilities. Secondly, to provide affordable studio hire to bring together like-minded movement professionals to co-create a buzzing hub to showcase the creative side of neurodiverse conditions and to establish a much needed support network. Thirdly, to run educational awareness campaigns and specialised careers training.

    Inspire Studios is an educational creative art project aimed to help adults with a learning difficulty fulfil their full potential.

  • Callum MacKinnon

    Callum MacKinnon

    Forth Valley Rebound Therapy Service CIC

    Forth Valley Rebound Therapy Service CIC is the first and only open referral service for Rebound Therapy in Scotland – based in Stirling.

    ‘Rebound Therapy’ uses a trampoline as a tool to engage children and adults with a wide range of disabilities and additional support needs in physical activity that promotes the improvement of physical, social and sensory outcomes.

    A comprehensive, holistic and integrated person-centred approach is delivered by a qualified Occupational Therapist. This makes Rebound Therapy sessions and activities fun – to promote engagement and achieve the best quality outcomes for each individual participating.

  • Celia Hodson

    Celia Hodson

    Hey Girls

    Hey Girls www.heygirls.co.uk was set up with the philosophy that girls and young women should never have to compromise their wellbeing or their health. Period Poverty is a first world problem and girls and young women regularly skip school and work because they cannot afford sanitary products. So thats why we set up Hey Girls – to offer a no leak, super comfy, chlorine and bleach free, environmentally friendly product that tackles period poverty in the UK, and all the profits from Hey Girls Buy One Give One Sanitary Pad go straight to help girls and young women in need as for every box sold to a customer Hey Girls gives a box away.

    Our health and education objectives allow us to distribute sanitary pads to girls from disadvantaged communities in the UK, in schools via teachers networks and girls groups thus assisting girls to manage menstruation in a way that doesn’t put them at risk of infection.  Educational packs and workshops for girls and boys create awareness around the benefits of better menstrual health and help build confidence, self-esteem, improve educational attainments, participation in sports and an increased quality of life.

  • Kenneth Allan

    Kenneth Allan

    Repurposing of Empty Buildings for Beneficial Homeless Use

    Repurposing of Empty Buildings for Beneficial Homeless Use seeks to facilitate mutually beneficial construction development, training and work opportunities for homeless people, construction professionals and trades. Its purpose is to create permanent affordable accommodation and supportable employment prospects. REBBHU aims to achieve this through partnering with local authorities, homeless organisations and construction teams. REBBHU transformation of empty buildings into sustainable homes is intended to substantially enhance the harmony of their host community.

  • Lauren McLaughlin

    Lauren McLaughlin

    Spilt Milk

    Spilt Milk is a not-for-profit arts organisation promoting and supporting the work of female artists with children.

    Through an exciting programme of exhibitions and events, as well as the development of a flexible/affordable childcare model for artists, our aim is to create innovative ways of supporting artist-mothers sustain their careers alongside raising happy healthy children.

  • Lauren Jarvis

    Lauren Jarvis

    Pets in Crisis

    My project is concerned with developing solutions to the lack of pet care provision for vulnerable pet owners experiencing homelessness or fleeing domestic abuse. Temporary accommodation and shelters operate a ‘STRICTLY NO PETS’ policy, which enforces separation and deters vulnerable people from finding a safe place.

    There are pet fostering charities that provide free temporary care through unpaid volunteers, but demand exceeds availability. Consequently, many people in difficult circumstances lose what may be their only source of emotional support and suffer the anguish of having their cherished pets re-homed. My aim is to find an effective, long-term way of supporting people and their pets through times of crisis.

  • Maria Perez

    Maria Perez

    Scotland’s Social Way

    Scotland’s Social Way is an adventure to strengthen the social economy while enjoying the unrivalled Scottish culture and landscape.

    It’s about exploring the country and featuring the things that bring people together: food, play, stories, visiting unknown places, learning new skills …

    We believe in an economy for the good of everyone, so what if we could build it up while having fun across the country? Rediscovering, in the process, the incalculable human value of villages and towns.

  • Nicola Lamberton & Keith Murray

    Duncan Place: Your Space

    Duncan Place will be a profit for purpose community centre acquired, owned and operated by the community of Leith, Edinburgh. The building will provide activities focussing on art, crafts, culture, health and well-being. Learning new skills and taking part in activities reduces isolation and increases well-being. A pay it forward scheme (or similar) will be operated to ensure everyone can be welcomed and involved.

    Rental space will be available for the third sector, local commercial artists and SMEs with profits being returned to further improve the facilities and provide community events.

  • Roz Adams Listen Up

    Roz Adams

    Listen Up

    I want citizens to direct their communities and to improve the partnerships between local people and the organisations working where they live. I want to enable frontline staff to get beyond the views of the usual suspects and the ‘hard-to-hear’ complaints to what really matters to people, without them changing the way they express themselves. I will deliver listening workshops using the skills of Nonviolent Communication to enable quality conversations between frontline staff and the people they serve. These will get to the heart of the matter, will involve citizens in finding solutions and will inform the changes needed.