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  • Morning Yoga Flow

    Wednesday 23 August

    Join Hannah King for a gentle, early morning Vinyasa flow right in the centre of Edinburgh. Every Wednesday we take to our yoga mats, gather ourselves and reflect on the week in progress.

  • Open Day

    Thursday 31 August

    Our Open Days are your chance to try coworking for FREE. Pop in, have a productive working day and meet our community. Can’t make this one? Not to worry they’re the second Tuesday and Last Thursday of every month!

  • TMP does Philosophy

    Tuesday 5 September

    Contrary to popular belief, not all philosophers have beards, smoke pipes and spend their days pondering the meaning of life. Join our in-house philosopher Anna for an hour of focused, creative, critical thinking and discussion around a matter of philosophical interest. Expect stories, games and to have your mind tickled!


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